Scrap Gold & Silver Bought For Cash

At Stockport’s D&L Quality Jewellery we are always keen to buy scrap Gold and Silver or any other unwanted items of jewellery, including diamond, Sapphires, Emerald and Ruby jewellery. We always try to offer and give all our customers a fair price, as there are many jewellers and pawnbrokers who try and buy as cheaply as possible.

If you are the owner of broken chains, bracelets, odd earrings, broken rings and all those unwanted items, don’t leave them in a drawer gathering dust let D&L purchase them from you and either invest in some new jewellery or bank the cash.

Top prices will be given for Full & Half Sovereigns, Krugerands and any other kind of gold coins. We are also a very big buyer of Silver scrap and Silver items of jewellery including all Silverware, Trays, cups, candle holders etc etc.

We would also like to buy your Silver Bullion coins or Silver Bullion bars including 1oz-5kg coins or bars. We also sell Silver Bullion bars, contact me for your daily price.

In order for D&L jewellery to purchase from you, you will need to bring your items to our premises, or contact us through our online contact form. Alternatively you can reach D&L on 07811394746, we will then arrange a convenient appointment. (Identification will be required on all transactions)

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