My engagement ring had been made elsewhere and was my own design, I didn’t realise at the time how difficult it would be and that I would struggle to get a Wedding and an Eternity rings that would sit right either side. I knew I didn’t want them square shaped or a deep V wishbone shape, just something with a subtle curve.
After reading the reviews online for D&L Quality Jewellery, I decided to go and see them. Darren had a few rings in the stand and after trying on a few I found a style and shape that looked perfect, however, it was in yellow gold and not white gold, Darren said that he would be able to make both the rings to the same shape. So after talking it through I decided yes to go ahead. I am so pleased that I did as the rings are just beautiful and exactly what I wanted. I am completely blown away with everything he has done and the fact he got them made so quickly.
The service was second to none! I personally wouldn’t recommend anyone else to have your jewellery made by. Darren is friendly, welcoming and very keen to please. I can’t thank you enough. You are truly awesome and have made me very happy.