Every day I’ve been staring at my Tag Watch, it has been stopped on 9:30am for the past 4 weeks…..at least it was right twice a day!!

Other than not really being able to find the time to get the battery replaced, when you did find someone who would do it the cost in most cases was eye-watering.

I get to 3pm on Friday, the day before my family holiday, so more in hope than expectation I Googled “Tag Watch Battery Replacement Stockport” and up pops “D&L Jewellery” and a very informative website. A quick phone call to Darren and I found it was possible to have both mine and my wife’s batteries replaced within the hour.

I was delighted with the service, fantastic value, battery and seals replaced and a free steam clean and Darren himself is a delightful chap. We will definitely be using the services of D&L Jewellery again. Thanks!!