Hi everyone, welcome to Stockports most well known jeweller D&L jewellery. We have traded in the Victorian Market Hall Stockport for over 30 years.


The reason for our success is we like to be honest with all our customers and we are always keen to offer our advice. Buying a Diamond ring is one of the most popular questions, how do I know the diamond in my engagement ring is good quality? What grade colour is my diamond? What clarity is my Diamond ring? What should I look for when buying my diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding ring?


In my opinion one of the most important thing is the life and lustre of your diamond or diamonds, how does it look in day light? Does it have that sparkle? You can have the best colour grade or the best clarity but if the lustre isn’t there then you’re missing out on the best part of a diamond. What I offer all my customers when buying Diamond piece of jewellery is to see it in natural daylight and where possible to compare one Diamond next to another.